Thursday, July 9, 2009

Very Relieved

Justin just got dropped of at my house by MCMB from cornerstone and I feel like its fucking christmas. I feel like Jesus himself came down with a new fender red 60s stratocaster with a black pick guard and a Floyd rose and said hey "DOOD i thought you'd like one of these wanna get some coffee? its on me." For the passed like two weeks ive been really sick which may have to do with my low state of mind but ive been feeling a lot better, physically anyway, still with this blank haze hanging around me. But as soon as i saw him i realized that all these things ive been wanting and planning and thinking about are about to happen. Its time to get the fuck up and become this machine of a person that ive been creating since my grandma died and catherine broke up. ive kept myself away from everything for some time now which has been really hard and even depressing, but it really has done me alot of good. the same things that use to interest me so much like going out and causing a shit load of trouble just dont even appeal to me anymore. i dont have any room for mistakes. i feel like im on thin ice with everything right now but i also know that im completely in control and now im solid as ever. and im ready to right an entire record between me and justin with absolutely no doubt that my time hard work love and dedication to this art will be rewarded back to me soon. sooner then me or anybody will ever think.

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